Methow Watershed Council Seeking Position One - Upper Methow

Contact: Sarah Lane
Phone: 360-224-0447
Date: March 22, 2024
Do you have an interest in this valley’s water supply and some time to contribute? The Methow
Watershed Council (MWC) invites interested Methow Valley residents to submit a Letter of Interest for
Position One – Upper Methow - on the Methow Watershed Council.
Requirements: Interested individuals must be residents of the Methow Valley (WRIA 48), registered to
vote in Okanogan County, and must live in the upper Methow Valley, defined by Township line 35 N. to
the northern extent of WRIA 48. It is helpful to have some knowledge of water law and water resource
policy. Responsibilities include preparing for and attending one monthly Council meeting, participating
in or providing leadership for various committees, and participating in Council education and outreach
efforts. Minimum time commitment is about 6 hours per month.
For questions or to submit a Letter of Interest to by April 12, 2024, to be
considered at the April MWC meeting. Applicants should plan to attend the April 18, 2024, meeting.
The Methow Watershed Council actively assists in managing water supplies for a sustainable balance
between human and ecological needs. The Council endorses the development of voluntary strategies for
optimizing water use and provides ongoing community outreach and education on valley-specific water
issues. To learn more about the work of the Council, please visit our website:
The Methow Watershed Council is comprised of three representatives of the initiating governments
(IGs) and six citizen residents residing within WRIA 48 who are also registered to vote in Okanogan
County. The IG positions are Position 7: Town of Twisp, Position 8: Town of Winthrop, and Position 9:
Okanogan County.
The MWC recognizes its unique role in the community as a source of current and historic water
information with the ability to advise local policy makers. The organization addresses short- and longterm
water issues by serving as catalyst for new ideas and forming strategic partnerships and
implements projects to address these needs.